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Orthodontic treatments have come a long way from the traditional brackets and wires of metal braces. Today, dental patients who are interested in straightening their teeth can do so with clear aligners from Invisalign®. Twelve Bridges Dental is happy to serve as your trusted source for Invisalign® in Roseville with our certified Invisalign® dentist, Dr. Raj Zanzi.

Invisalign in Roseville CA

The Advantages of Clear Braces

Invisalign® uses a series of invisible plastic aligners that snap seamlessly over teeth, and are custom-created for your smile. Week by week, as you receive new aligner trays, you will notice small changes that lead to the ultimate finished product of even, beautiful teeth.

Invisalign® is effective at discreetly correcting mild to moderate alignment issues, including:

Crowded teeth
Gapped teeth
Overbite and

Patients who see ideal results from Invisalign® are those who wish to straighten their teeth but want to avoid the high visibility of metal braces, such as business professionals and teens. Invisalign® is also typically used for those who have already worn braces and need minor orthodontic improvements to correct relapsed teeth.

The benefits of using Invisalign® extend beyond increased confidence and a more beautiful smile; straighter teeth are easier to clean, so you can decrease your risk for tooth decay while maintaining a metal-free smile.

Getting Invisalign® in Roseville

If you’re interested in clear braces to transform your smile, start with a consultation from our certified Invisalign® provider, Dr. Zanzi, to discuss treatment goals. During this appointment, you can share your concerns about your smile and what improvements you would like to see. We can discuss realistic expectations with you, share educational videos, and have you look at patient success stories to help make your decision. Dr. Zanzi uses state-of-the-art diagnostic planning tools when developing your treatment plan --including digital imaging and an intraoral camera -- so patients understand how Invisalign® can help them. 

After taking molds and images of your teeth and jaw, Dr. Zanzi will send these to the Invisalign® laboratory. A few weeks later, you will return to Twelve Bridges’ dental office to receive your first few sets of clear aligner trays. You will wear the aligners for 22 hours each day. These invisible trays exert a gentle force on your teeth to help move them into the ideal position. You will switch the aligners every two weeks, making check-in appointments in-between to track your progress.Roseville CA Invisalign

Expert Care from our Invisalign® Preferred Provider

Dr. Zanzi has offered Invisalign® for over six years. His experience with this modern orthodontic treatment can help you achieve the straighter teeth you desire, without the visibility of metal braces. Twelve Bridges Dental Group also has an orthodontic specialist on-staff, who is an expert at providing braces for adults and children. If clear braces may not produce ideal results for your unique case, Dr. Sanders is happy to speak to patients about alternatives to Invisalign®. 

Your Ideal Smile is Waiting!

We invite you to schedule an Invisalign® consultation at Twelve Bridges Dental to learn how you can achieve straighter teeth the invisible way. We are proud providers of clear braces in Roseville and nearby areas, including Rockville and Lincoln. 


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