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Weight Loss And Oral Health

MAINTAINING GOOD ORAL HEALTH is a goal we should all be striving to achieve each and every...

Feb 26 • 2 min read
Bad Oral Health Fads

 Happy New Year!! New year brings in new FADS! FADS AREN’T ALWAYS ABOUT hairstyles and sla...

Feb 26 • 2 min read
iTero scanner

iTero Element Intraoral Scanner        ONE OF THE LEAST ...

Feb 26 • 2 min read
Saliva: Oral Health’s MVP

SALIVA IS SUCH an ordinary thing that you probably haven’t given it much thought, but it’s actu...

Feb 26 • 3 min read
Dental Sealants Have Our Seal Of Approval

AS PARENTS, our children’s well-being is always our top priority, and their dental health is a ...

Feb 26 • 3 min read
The Bare Bones of Gum Recession

NO ONE LOOKS FORWARD to getting “long in the tooth” because of gum recession. Gum recessio...

Feb 26 • 4 min read
4 Ways to Prevent Dental Emergencies

It’s hard to predict when an emergency dental concern will occur, but there are some emergency oral ...

Feb 22 • 1 min read
5 Myths About Invisalign®

 If you’re looking into straightening your teeth with orthodontic treatment, you might find tha...

Feb 22 • 2 min read




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